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About This Project

These pages are dedicated to something that is well known to us. We give this "something" various names - worries, problems, dilemmas, conflicts. The world around us is full of conflicts - on personal, local, as well as global levels. We have to do important decisions while we do not know what alternative is the right one. Moreover, we live among other people - in our families, schools, workplaces and other places. We and they have our important needs, wishes and preferences and often it is very difficult to harmonize those needs in order to satisfy all parties involved. We seek and do compromises but often the compromise does not improve the situation and conflicts and tension are still with us.
Renowned thinker, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, introduced within the frame of his work a simple but very powerful tool for conflicts resolution called the Evaporating Cloud. Cloud is used as an illustration of conflict that prevents the "sun" of happiness to shine in our lives. Dr. Goldratt claims that "every existing clonflict can be eliminated".

The purpose of these pages IS NOT presenting complete solutions. The aim IS to provoke thinking about the nature of conflicts that we are involved in and learn to understand needs, assumptions and viewpoints of other parties of the respective conflict. The true statement says: "Define a problem precisely ... and you are half-way to a solution."


Dr. James Holt is teaching his students at the Washington State University to think this way. He keeps to tell them: "A cloud-a-day keeps the conflict away. Keep thinking!" This call is taken as a motto of this website.


Petr Zitnik

Website Editor

Concept of This Website

In the the About Conflicts section, you will find material about the nature of conflicts and about approaching them by using the Evaporating Cloud method.

Conflicts or dilemmas case studies taken from various areas of life will be presented within the Blog section. In most cases, the articles will contain a description of the conflict (a storyline), the diagram of the cloud, analysis of assumptions and viewpoints of parties involved in the respective conflict and a discussion forum where users of these pages could discuss the particular topic.

Articles will contain keyword tags. Tags are listed on the Homepage as well as on the Blog bellow the articles. The Tags allow the users to list easily the articles on the respective topic.

Our users

These pages are here for all who want to think, especially about conflicts and about possibilities of their resolution.

Users can participate by using various communication means: e-mail, Feedback section, or they can comment particular articles through attached user forums.

The aim of these pages is to create a communication platform and consequently a knowledge base of how to approach various real life situations.

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