A Cloud-a-Day Keeps the Conflict Away!

Alan Barnard

In the same spirit as Eli's [Goldratt] goal ("Teaching the world how to think"), I verbalized my own goal as - "Teaching the world (and myself) how to SEE and UNLOCK inherent potential..."

Since that day (early 1994), this is what has kept me up at night - an absolute passion to figure out what governs (limits or enables) us to SEE and UNLOCK inherent potential. In retro-spect, since that day, all my significant choices in business were driven by gaining the necessary opportunities, challenges, training and mentors to prepare me for achieving my goal. It was also obvious from the beginning to me, that TOC would play a significant part on this journey - not just learning its implications and applications but also helping with the further discovery, development and dissemination of it around the world.

(Alan Barnard in TOC Thinkers blog )