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24/04/2011 20:18

Test 2

This article is also a test
21/10/2010 16:27

True Power of the Cloud

  Do you wonder if the Cloud is really practical and powerful enough tool for conflicts resolution? Debra Smith, a renowned TOC practitioner, expressed in her excellent book Measurement Nightmare (St....
18/10/2010 02:08

Another New Articles

Dear visitors of the A CLOUD-A-DAY website!   Thank you again for your continual interest and support of this website project. So far, the website has been visited by more than 300 people from 15 countries. What new has been published this week?   Dr Soshi Reiter shared with us two...
18/10/2010 01:26

Where To Focus Your Efforts? On Sales, Or On Projects Delivery?

Many companies are paid for successful projects delivery. Many of those companies are acquiring their business by their own Sales department. In effect, that situation creates often many conflicts between Sales and Project Management.   The Sales vs Project Management Cloud The Cloud...
18/10/2010 00:38

Globalization, Glocalization and Dish Washing

Sent by Shoshi Reiter, Israel   The Story Begins Once upon a time a nice and smart man in Israel, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, was wondering to himself how he could improve peoples lives. He was (and still is) thinking and rethinking and came up with the Theory Of Constraints (TOC) thinking and...
18/10/2010 00:04

To Be Or Not To Be In Contact With a Colleague. Where Did I Go Wrong?

Sent By Dr. Shoshi Reiter, Israel At a nice summer evening two friend sat in the room talking about work, gossiping and enjoying a nice evening. Noa, one of the girls, asked her friend Rose for help with her project. Rose thought to herself that she is tired to think and that Noa's project is well...
11/10/2010 00:35

Problem Clients: Save or Delete?

The XPLANE Company "Founded in 1993, the XPLANE company has evolved from an information design company into a global communications and business transformation consultancy. As part of the Dachis Group XPLANE drives results for the world’s leading corporations through the sophisticated process of...
09/10/2010 23:40

Acknowledgements, New Contributions

Dear visitors of the A CLOUD-A-DAY website! First of all, I would like to thank to many of you for your support of this project. Dr James Holt from Washington State University has graciously released some conceptual documents in PowerPoint for the purpose of this website for all to benefit. You can...
09/10/2010 16:40

To Think Clearly, or Not To Think. THE CHOICE Is Yours

Following his personal goal "Teaching the world how to think",  Dr. GOLDRATT wrote many bestselling books like The Goal, It's Not Luck and others. According to his own opinion, the best book Eli Goldratt has ever...
09/10/2010 15:49

And Justice for All. An Attorney's Conflicts

The Problem People who are involved in legal system, like judges, prosecutors and attorneys are dealing with conflicts constantly. They are expected that they will settle conflicts that are assigned to them. However, those lawyers themselves have often to face some painful dilemmas. Above all...

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