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01/10/2010 18:09

Project / Non-Project Resource Conflict

Ron Woehr from Siemens Energy, Inc., Orlando, Florida, writes: I'd like to see some discussion on the generic resource conflict between project work and non-project emergent work. In general, the cloud would look like this: A. Effective execution of all work B. Project completion as planned C....
28/09/2010 20:05

What the Little Girl Wanted?

How and why is the Cloud different from current best practices? A case study courtesy of Zana Borisavljevic, Serbia. A teacher taking a TOC workshop decided to try using the Cloud on a problem she was having with her 4 year old daughter. The daughter wanted to help her cook dinner. The teacher...
27/09/2010 23:10

Creating Clouds By Using Mind Mapping Software

The Evaporating Cloud is a tool designed to be used "in the field". If needed, you can draw it on a piece of paper or a napkin (see It's Not Luck, p. 80). However, if you use the Cloud for a deeper analysis, or want to publish or present an issue showing the Cloud, maybe including assumptions...
27/09/2010 17:04

Clouds from New Zealand

Kelvyn Youngman, a Theory of Constraints (TOC) practitioner from New Zealand, has made available a valuable source of information about TOC on his website A Guide to Implementing the Theory of Constraints (TOC).   The Evaporating Cloud As a Tool Having in mind the primary focus of this...
27/09/2010 12:38

100 Clouds in 100 Days

In Malaysia, the Evaporating Cloud together with some other thinking tools from the TOC Thinking Processes toolbox, is used in a large scale in the field of education. Khaw Choon Ean, an experienced teacher, curriculum planner and project manager in the Ministry of Education of Malaysia...
25/09/2010 16:12

Dealing With Dilemmas

Common Sense Systems, Inc. published on their company website two excellent papers about conflicts, or dilemmas. In those articles they explore the nature of dilemmas and provide actionable advice that individuals and groups can use to improve their ability to recognize and resolve dilemmas...
23/09/2010 13:36

First blog

Our new blog has been launched today. Stay focused on it and we will try to keep you informed. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.

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