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100 Clouds in 100 Days

27/09/2010 12:38

In Malaysia, the Evaporating Cloud together with some other thinking tools from the TOC Thinking Processes toolbox, is used in a large scale in the field of education.

Khaw Choon Ean, an experienced teacher, curriculum planner and project manager in the Ministry of Education of Malaysia presented at the 2006 TOCICO Conference the outcomes of a very interesting project. Within the frame of activities of the TOC For Education (TOCFE), 100 kids were asked to make "a cloud-a-day" in 100 days. Khaw Choon Ean says:

"Children are faced with many challenges in their lives today. Parents and teachers cannot be with them all the time. It is very needed to help children to develop responsible thinking skills to empower them to make responsible and good decisions without waiting for adults to do it for them.

Students need to learn to look at the problem situations in their everyday lives, understand learning in school, not just memorizing, and learn and progress to collect and assimilate information before deciding what to do with it. The lives of children can be enhanced by teaching them the CLOUD as a practical lifelong problem-solving skill that they can use in their daily lives."

The goal of the project was "Children can solve problems on their own".

Have a look at the presentation of the project. You will be probably touched by this unique opportunity to see young people fully involved in the educational project.


(To view the presentation, click on image.)


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