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An Expert’s Conflict

08/10/2010 10:26

Many of us would like to be experts in their job. During the struggle to become an expert and remain in that position, one have to face many conflicts. Dr James Holt prepared an analysis of those dilemmas:


An Expert’s Story

I’m good! Really good! But, the world is changing fast. So fast that it is hard for me to be the expert at everything I’m responsible for. In fact, I find I’m falling behind some other experts in my field in some knowledge areas.

I can’t afford to not know. I need to provide answers to those who depend upon me. It isn’t just an ego trip. Experts are expensive and my group can’t afford to have too many experts.

And then there are the other experts. I depend upon them and need their cooperation. They provide me with information and resources.

I work well with my peers. We enjoy the excitement of solving tough problems, combining our expertise and achieving ambitious goals.

I enjoy my work and find I spend a lot time getting better and better. This growth is rewarding. I’m actively involved with many good things.

There are those annoying things. Too often, I’m required to do things that are dog work. I try to avoid it, but often get stuck with it. It’s such a distraction. Take meetings for example...


What Is the Solution?

If you are involved in such dilemmas, what about to take a few minutes and think about it?

You can construct one or more clouds describing your own situation.

Then, you can open the enclosed PowerPoint presentation and have a look what Dr Holt offers as a way out of those "expert" problems:


(To view the presentation, click on image.)


Topic: An Expert’s Conflict

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