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Globalization, Glocalization and Dish Washing

18/10/2010 00:38
Sent by Shoshi Reiter, Israel


The Story Begins

Once upon a time a nice and smart man in Israel, Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt, was wondering to himself how he could improve peoples lives. He was (and still is) thinking and rethinking and came up with the Theory Of Constraints (TOC) thinking and communication tools.
Years later, yet not far away from that man, a little boy at a city called Carmiel, in the same little country of Israel had a problem at home with his mother. At the house of this little boy was a big chaos. His mother remodeled the kitchen. Dust was everywhere, meals were not prepared properly and dirty dishes were all over. The mother wanted the little boy to do the dishes at the bathroom sink. The boy was very unhappy and refused to do it. So what will happen next? Will the mother shout? Will the boy be punished? Will he break the dishes? 


In Malaysia - 100 children, 100 days, 100 clouds

At another place on the globe, at a country called Malaysia a little woman (yet great by spirit) was thinking to herself: "Children are faced with so many problems in their lives today. If so then we have to help them develop thinking skills to solve problems. Empower them to make responsible and good decisions by themselves".
Eureka! She had a wonderful idea. Let's teach and train children to "talk the TOC". A magnificent language and thinking tools. The little woman was wondering all over Malaysia finding 100 children, training them for 100 days to do 100 clouds. Huge work.

(See the article 100 Clouds in 100 Days )


TOC conference in Mexico

Well, my friends we travel now on the tour around the globe to another country named Mexico. At Mexico people from all over the world gather to "talk the TOC" at a big conference. They heard about the great idea of the 100 clouds and saw the children from Malaysia. The children appeared to be so happy self confident and empowered.

The story continues...

Among other people at the conference was a little woman from Israel. She saw the children and heard the idea about the 100 clouds. When she came back to her little country she spread the idea about the 100 clouds. The president of TOC Israel who is running the project of "thinking smart with TOC tools" embraced the idea and worked on it with children of the city Carmiel. She organized a great day for a lot of people from the education department and the mayor of the city and the press to see how nice the children are working and how well they know to deal with daily problems with TOC tools. All the people were very impressed then suddenly the mayor said: "I can see that you are working very nice with the books you have, doing and practicing a lot of clouds but what good is that for your real life, outside class and school?"


Mr. Mayor listen to me...

A little child (yes, the same one from the beginning of the story) raised his hand and said "Mr. Mayor listen to me. Here is what happened yesterday at my home" and told the story about the dirty dishes and redecorating the kitchen. "So" said the boy "I asked my mother to wait a minute. I went to my room to think (smart) and do the cloud. I understood that mother wanted me to do the dishes because she needed to be with the constructers. I didn't want to do them because I needed to see my program at the T.V and having to carry them to the bathroom will take a lot of time. Our common goal was to have good atmosphere at home. So I came out of my room and said to mother that I can understand why she wants me to do the dishes. I explained to her why I didn't want to do them and I have a win/ win solution. I suggested that I will do the dishes after my program at the T.V. Mother accepted my solution. She said that I am a smart boy and today I have a day off from helping at home. So you see Mr. Mayor today is my day off."


The Clouds At the Unesco International conference

At the Unesco International conference, the subject of the conference was "Globalization, Glocalization and Multicultural".
The story about the 100 clouds was present to demonstrate the thinking and communication tools of TOC. I needed nothing more than that. The little boy and the smart man never met yet the wonderful and big ideas travel all over the world by little and big people who "talk the TOC."


PS: All the people and events are real. 


The TOC Thinking Tools 

What is Theory Of Constraints? Thinking and communication tools for managing life. Three simple tools that are the D.N.A of thinking:


The tools are used for: Curriculum Materials, behavior issues and organizational improvement.  


About Soshi Reiter

Shoshi is an Education Professional. She lives in Israel, and is dedicating her efforts in the field of human development. She runs an organization named ‘TOC for Human Development’, that is training students in self regulation and leadership. She developed a program of using the GTP on multiple intelligence, coaches individuals and institutions in using Theory Of Constraints philosophy and tools.
Shoshi can be reached at shoshir9@walla.co.il  



Topic: Globalization, Glocalization and Dish Washing

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