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Problem Clients: Save or Delete?

11/10/2010 00:35

The XPLANE Company

"Founded in 1993, the XPLANE company has evolved from an information design company into a global communications and business transformation consultancy. As part of the Dachis Group XPLANE drives results for the world’s leading corporations through the sophisticated process of Business Design Thinking. Business Design Thinking is a comprehensive business architecture that combines collaborative consulting, design thinking, technology, social media and visual communication."

(Source: www.xplane.com )


Problem Clients Dilemma

During the years, XPLANE has been creating many impressive visuals in order to help their clients to better understand business phenomena and processes. Those visuals are both educational and entertaining. Within the frame of series called XPLANATIONS™, the XPLANE published a paper that presents interesting dilemma common in business: PROBLEM CLIENTS: SAVE or DELETE?


The CLOUD of this dilemma could look like this:


Get Acquainted With Problem Clients

The XPLANE company has graciously granted their permission to post the visual on our website. You can learn which clients are worth saving and which are true monsters. It will make you acquainted with various types of problem clients. Those types of problem clients are given very original new names that enrich your vocabulary and short witty descriptions of their characteristics are provided (see one example bellow). For every type of problem client, a best move (an injection in the TOC language) is recommended.


(To view the full visual, click on image.)


Topic: Problem Clients: Save or Delete?

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