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Project / Non-Project Resource Conflict

01/10/2010 18:09

Ron Woehr from Siemens Energy, Inc., Orlando, Florida, writes:

I'd like to see some discussion on the generic resource conflict between project work and non-project emergent work. In general, the cloud would look like this:
A. Effective execution of all work
B. Project completion as planned
C. Rapid response to emergent work
D. Assign resources per plan
D'. Assign resources immediately.


Surely the solutions will be customized to an organization's needs (e.g., percentage project vs. percentage non-project, work content, etc.) but the assumptions must be similar to all organizations and some injections may be generic. Thus far I've tried to avoid the injection of total resource segregation.


Well, here is the Ron's cloud to be discussed:

If you want to analyze the conflict by using MindMapping software you can download the respective mind map:

Project_Non-Project_Conflict.zip (37 kB)

Topic: Project / Non-Project Resource Conflict

Date: 02/10/2010

By: Petr Zitnik

Subject: Project Management

Ron, how are you managing your projects? Do you use the CCPM (Critical Chain Project Management)?

Date: 04/10/2010

By: Ron Woehr

Subject: Re: Project Management


Yes we do use CCPM. We have excellent knowledge of CCPM and TOC and have been applying them for over a year now. We have made significant improvement in throughput, cycle time, and on time delivery for both project and non-project work. We are now into the Thinking Process and the Five Focusing Steps for the next throughput improvement stages. We think there is much more upside potential for us.


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