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To Think Clearly, or Not To Think. THE CHOICE Is Yours

09/10/2010 16:40
Following his personal goal "Teaching the world how to think", 
Dr. GOLDRATT wrote many bestselling books like The Goal, It's Not Luck and others.
According to his own opinion, the best book Eli Goldratt has ever written is THE CHOICE (North River Press, 2008).

Thinking Clearly - The Only Way to Live a Full, Meaningful Life

The Choice is about how to live a FULL, i.e. MEANINGFUL LIFE. The most important condition (or, in the TOC language injection) for reaching full life is THINKING CLEARLY. In The Choice, Eli Goldratt explains what obstacles prevent us from thinking clearly and shows how to overcome them.

The core ideas of the book can be illustrated by using the diagram bellow. It is a logic tree, called the PreRequisite Tree (abbreviated PRT).

In the PRT, there are fields labeled OBS and IO with numbers. They are:

  • OBSTACLES to Thinking Clearly

  • INTERMEDIATE OBJECTIVES that overcome the Obstacles


Critical Role of Ability To Solve Conflicts for Thinking Clearly

The ability to solve conflicts effectively and without compromising is critical for Thinking Clearly, at least for two reasons:

(1) One of the two main obstacles on the way to think clearly is to "consider conflicts as given and feel the best we can do is to seek a compromise". Mastering the conflicts resolution by using the Cloud technique make to overcome that obstacle possible.

(2) Another obstacle preventing us to Think Clearly is the "tendency to blame others". Again, the Cloud technique empowers us to find out a WIN-WIN ways out of personal conflicts and to create and maintain harmonious relationships with others.

The two points mentioned above are marked by red circles on the diagram.

Besides those two areas, there are many other situations when our ability to Thinking Clearly is in danger. Again and again, our mastering to resolve such conflict situations fast, effectively, in a win-win way and without compromising is critical. 



If you are interested to see more detailed analysis how to put all the Intermediate Objectives on their places, you can have a look at the enclosed presentation that was created during the EM 526 Thinking Process Class at the Washington State University.


(To view the presentation, click on image.)


Topic: Think Clearly, or Not To Think. THE CHOICE Is Yours

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