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To Change, or Not To Change? An Introduction

08/10/2010 09:38

Do You Want To Change Something? Anticipate Conflicts!

Many conflicts, maybe most of them are concentrated around CHANGE.

We will examine many clouds in the future where the core of problem has something to do with CHANGE.

Some of generic conflicts of that kind are:

  • To change, or not to change?

  • If any, WHEN to change? Now, or later?

  • WHO should change? Me, him, or both?

  • WHERE the change should happen? Here, or over there?

  • WHAT to change? This, or that, or all?

  • ...  


Overcoming Resistance to Change

One of the most important aspects considering CHANGE is a (supposed natural) resistance to change. As an introduction to the subject of CHANGE, you can watch  the following six minutes educational video Overcoming Resistance to Change - Isn't It Obvious?

In those few minutes, you can get an important insight and intuition that will be very useful for succesful resolution of a particular CHANGE conflict.

Topic: To Change, or Not To Change? An Introduction

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